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In the book entitled: “The Egg Book: Myths, Realities and Benefits”, you will find the most varied information about this complete and nutritious food –from production aspects to the best recipes to cook it. It was written by Professor Covadonga Torre Marina, Ms. Mónica Fonseca and Dr. José Antonio Quintana, two nutritionists and a veterinarian, respectively. This text is part of the efforts made by the National Poultry Institute to provide correct information about poultry products.

If you would like to purchase it, please make a deposit using the following bank information: “cuenta no. 0445778999, de Bancomer, Sucursal 79, Plaza 001, a nombre de la Unión Nacional de Avicultores.” You shall send your deposit slip to fax number: 55 84 25 94; to the attention of: Rocio Piñón –phone: 55 64 93 22 ext. 10