Mexico City, January 28, 2014. During 2015, the Mexican poultry industry will maintain constant growth as it has been the case in recent years –consolidating itself as a strategic activity for the Country both at the nutritional and economic levels.

According to data from the first estimate put together by the Economic Studies Office of UNA, Mexican poultry production will have a 2.5 percent growth. Similarly, it is estimated that production of eggs in the Country will grow 2.0% during this year. Meanwhile, chicken meat will grow 2.5%, and will surpass 3 million tons of this product.

By the end of 2014, the Mexican Industry experienced a 2.8% growth rate vs. 2013. In this regard, the poultry industry produced 5’574,554 tons of food last year, out of which chicken accounted for 2’994,254 tons, and table eggs for 2’572,300 tons. It is worth saying that at the end of 2014, chicken meat production grew 3% vs. 2013.

In regards to the egg industry in Mexico, it grew 2.5% vs. 2013. Poultry production value was greater than 132 billion pesos during 2014. In regards to consumption, consumers maintain a high preference for egg and chicken products. For example, in the case of chicken the per capita consumption achieved in 2014 was 25.6 kg; whereas, apparent per capita consumption reached 29.3 kg. On the other hand, Mexico continues to be the number one fresh egg consumer in the World.

At the end of 2014, per capita consumption reached 22 kg. The poultry industry accounted for 63 percent of animal agriculture production in the Country –out of it, 33.5 per cent of chicken; almost 29 percent of eggs; and 0.1 percent of turkey.

In 2014, the Poultry Industry generated 1,154,000 jobs: 192,000 were direct ones and 962,000 indirect ones. Last year, the egg producing States and percentages were as follows: Aguascalientes and Querétaro: 11%; the Comarca Lagunera Region and Veracruz: 10%; Jalisco: 8%; Puebla: 7%; Yucatán and Chiapas: 6%; followed by the State of Mexico and Guanajuato: 5% each; Sinaloa: 4%; Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí and Hidalgo: 3%; Morelos and Michoacán: 2 percent.

In regards to eggs, producing States and percentages were as follows: Jalisco, 55%; Puebla, 15%; Sonora, 8%; La Laguna, 5%; Yucatán, 4%; Sinaloa, 3%; Nuevo León, 3%; and Guanajuato, 2%.

In the international arena, Mexico is the 7th chicken producer after the US, China, Brazil, the EU, India and Russia. In as to eggs, our Country ranks 6th after China, the US, India, Japan and Russia.

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