The Unión Nacional de Avicultores (Mexican Poultry Producers Association) has as objectives representing, participating and protecting –before the public and private sectors of Mexico and abroad– the general actions to defend its interests contributing to their better development.

  • To study and implement all the necessary actions aimed at the solution of technical, economic and social issues related to poultry production and distribution.

  • To collaborate and agree with the Federal, State and Municipal Governments the execution of programs, activities and campaigns carried out against poultry epizootics.

  • To comply and coordinate geographical, economic, social and nosographic information, and information on all issues related to poultry to support members, researchers and the general public.

  • To defend general interests of poultry producers.

  • To promote and collect the catalogue of domestic producers and to create the national poultry statistics jointly with the Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food.


Medellín No. 325. Col. Roma. México D.F.


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